MARVEL6000 -- leading the new era of high-power fiber laser cutting

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       The development of fiber laser cutting machine is standing on giants’ shoulders. Firstly it appeared in developed countries, leading to the rapid development of the related manufacturing industry. In recent years, it developed quickly in China.

        The flying development of fiber laser cutting machine in China also shortens the high-tech manufacturing gap between China and developed countries and makes China possible to catch up the pace of overseas high-end equipment manufacturing technology. It contributes a lot in leapfrog development of China's manufacturing industry.

         It is predicted that laser cutting equipment in Chinese market will keep steady growth. By 2020, the amount will reach RMB1.9 billion. As an industry leader, HGLser Engineering Co.,Ltd keeps developing technologies to accelerate the development of laser cutting machine industry. HGLSER developed a new series of cost-effective fiber laser cutting machines—— MARVEL6000 series, providing a new choice for sheet metal processing. 

Autonomous light source  

         MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine with 6000 watt Raycus laser, reduces maintenance costs and purchase costs by 15% - 20%, because it masters the core light source technology and not purely assembles components. 

  Flying speed

        With strong cutting ability, flying cutting speed, which could be as fast as 80m/min, acceleration as 1.5G, the MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine can cut 600 diameter 2mm holes on 1mm sheet metals every minute.

 Stable structure

        Gantry double drive structure has the strengths of stable structure, good rigidity, and high speed. The lathe bed as a whole welding structure and the beam as the aluminum casting, both have been treated with aging treatment for many times, having the advantage of good dynamic response. The product has properties of good stability, long working life, and strong practicability.

 convenient after-sale service

        HGLSER has established broad-range marketing network, with more than 20 offices in many countries around the world like Germany, America, and Italy etc, ensuring that HGLSER responds to customers' requirements timely and quickly.


        Brand is not only a slogan, but the accumulation of a company’s technologies and services for many years. With 46 years’ developing history, the appearance of MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine is not only a new technology solution for customers, but also the pursuit of technical innovation and better products.


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