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In the process of mobile phone evolution, more and more black technology is integrated into it. From 110,000 pixels to 40 million pixels, as well as AI photos, from button keyboard to touch screen, and now to full screen and screen fingerprints. Mobile phones have more and more cool features, which is also due to the wide application of laser technology.

HGTEHC Laser Welding - Connection Expert in Mobile Phone

Photography function is the focus of the major manufacturers'publicity. In the past, it was competition that you provide 30 million pixels and I had 40 million pixels. Now it is even more requirement on the Camera module. People in the high buildings with 50 times zoom can see clearly.

Only the size of the nail cap, but to include the following components. It can be imagined how high the precision requirement is. In such a precise processing process, the advantages of high quality, fast speed, high production efficiency, simple control and easy automation of laser welding seam can be brought into full play. Because laser processing is non-contact, it can avoid the problem of residue and electrostatic phenomena in the process of processing.

HGTECH Laser Cutting---- A Necessary Weapon in the Era of Full Screen

Today's mobile phones are full-screens, the overall screen ratio is generally more than 80%, and the edges of the screen will be very close to the mobile phone body. Traditional screen design will make the screen suffer more impact when it falls, which will lead to screen fragmentation. Therefore, in order to reduce the possibility of screen fragmentation and reserve element space, it is necessary to process the screen into non-rectangular shaped cutting.

Ultra-fast laser cutting technology can avoid edge fracture and edge collapse of ultra-thin materials, thus improving the processing efficiency. At the same time, there is no mechanical stress in the process of laser processing, so as to achieve the "ultra-fine" processing. Laser technology has incomparable advantages for mobile phone cover plate, fingerprint identification plate and other parts which require high precision.

HGTECH Laser marking-Easy-going custom master

Laser welding and laser cutting are hidden in the mobile phones , the application of laser marking on mobile phones is even more Obvious. Many manufacturers also use it as a promotion way, using laser marking to customize the favorite game heroes or star signatures on the back of the phone, fans are also willing to pay to buy and increase sales.

For ordinary entrepreneurs, laser customization on mobile phone backplane or mobile phone shell can also help to enhance the added value of products. Doubling the customized price of mobile phone shell for 10 yuan is not a problem. Only an entry-level laser marker can create sustainable revenue.