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Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2016 will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center on Aug. 24-26th. As Asia's leading laser welding and cutting brand, FARLEY LASERLAB will show on AMTS 2016 with its prize winning laser application on automobile manufacturing. FARLEY LASERLAB will go on its expansion of professional laser technology research and advanced laser application for automatic production lines. Hope you get surprise at Halls E1-G01, FARLEY LASERLAB.

meet farley laserlab at AMTS 2016

 FARLEY LASERLABs Model:  Cadillac CT6 

 FARLEY LASERLAB’s Model Cadillac CT6  

It has been a trend to apply laser welding to automobile manufacturing, for it tremendously enhances the assembly precision and integral body strength, while decreases vehicle weight. Thanks to FARLEY LASERLAB’s laser welding application in automobile manufacturing, we may have safer and more comfortable driving experience.   


As the Chinese first mega project of science research for auto manufacturing, FARLEY LASERLAB has join hands with domestic auto brands such as Shenlong, JAC and international brands such as GM, FORT and Cadillac. It is competent to integrate BIW fast positioning, laser brazing, laser welding and porter robots into one. With involvement of BIW laser welding technology, its welding speed increases nearly 30%, with 30% increase for body strength.

It stand out in dozens of automakers bids for high quality of welding efficiency and weding quality.This tech from FARLEY · LASERLAB has become key science project applying to the global PSA automobile plants for their high-end models.

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Right on 8th Jan, we got the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in the Great Hall of the People. FARLEY LASERLAB got the award by the project of Core Technology and Complete Equipment for Advanced Laser Welding and Cutting in Automobile Manufacturing, broke monopoly as long as 40 years for laser welding and laser cutting on automobile key parts making.


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