HGTECH laser applied in oil industry

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During the oil drilling process, loose sand control is one of the key parts in oil well completion and oil recovery engineering design. Generally, a large number of small gaps are processed around the tube to block most of the sand layer. HGlaser can cut the gradient slits of the outer width or the outer narrow section to make oil sieve tube perform better. 

The laser cutting process of the screen tube utilizes the high energy and high density characteristics of  the laser to irradiate the laser to the surface of the screen to vaporize or change the surface material of the screen tube.

The screen tube is processed by HGlaser, which is non-contact processing. It not only does not have tool wear, it does not cause any damage to the surface of the screen tube, and can also ensure the cutting precision. In addition, laser cutting of the screen usually improves the automation of the project and greatly improves the processing efficiency. Usually it takes only a few seconds to machine a slit, which is several times of the machining efficiency.


The main features of HGlaser cutting:

●It can cut out the gradient type slits with narrow outer or inner narrow inner section, so that the oil mesh joint pipe has better performance;

●The laser beam is easy to guide, focus, realize direction change, easy to realize automatic processing, and achieve better machining accuracy, which is an extremely flexible processing method;

●The efficiency of laser cutting is high, usually it takes only a few seconds to process a slit, which is several times of the machining efficiency;

● Laser processing is possible with robots in harsh environments or places that are difficult for others to access.


Oil is a so important industry related tot he country's lifeline that car application, winter heating, the operation of factory machines, the use of military equipment and so on are inseparable from it. Hope that HGlaser cutting machine can be better applied in the petroleum industry and do some contribution to the development of the petroleum industry.


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