HGLaser applied in PCB processing.

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HGTECH laser equipment adopts high performance UV laser cold light source, integrates high precision CCD image location technology, develops visual laser control software to realize the application of FPC, PCB shape cutting, contour cutting, drilling and composite film opening.

The traditional processing method is to open the mold and then mechanically punch through the mold. For the general FPC, it is difficult to make the mold, and the production cycle becomes longer, which leads to a large increase in processing cost. And for the FPC with high complexity, it is impossible to make very complicated mold.

HGLaser FPC laser cutting machine does not need to open the mold and form one time, which saves a lot of resources for the enterprise. Non-contact processing, to avoid damage to the FPC, also solves the problem of burrs and spills that are generated. HGLaser FPC laser cutting machine adopts precise two-dimensional table and full-closed CNC system to ensure high-precision while fast cutting. Together with high-performance UV laser, it has small focusing spot, uniform power distribution and small thermal effect. The slit width is small and the cutting quality is high.

With the requirement of high density and high performance, laser applications of the PCB industry will continue to increase. HGLaser has researched laser technology since 47 years ago. HGLaser equipment has been widely used in the manufacture of various difficult circuit boards, and has won unanimous praise.



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