Witness the upward force——Sany Group

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As the fifth engineering machinery manufacturer in the world, Sany is pragmatic and dares to be the first. Since 2009, it has joined hands with HGLaser to introduce laser technology to lay a solid equipment foundation for the company's innovation and development.

1.Beyond: From "China Pump King" to "World Pump King"

More than 30 years of innovation and struggle have created the status of the leading enterprise in Sany, not only holding the industry trend in the hands, but also driving the national brand to regain lost ground and promote overseas.

2.Ideal: Laser assisted industry to serve the country

Since the beginning of the past few years, the construction machinery industry has ushered in a development trend, and the market demand has increased geometrically. However, at the time of the 31st, the traditional processing and cutting method was adopted. Due to the different lengths of the pipes, this processing method requires manual measurement, positioning and polishing. And loading and unloading, only such a line requires 12 workers, and the growth of production capacity is far from meeting market demand.

In order to improve the production process and improve production efficiency, Sany production workshop introduced the HGlaser equipment in 2009. The first batch of 12 plasma cutting equipment and 7 laser cutting equipments were purchased, and the laser CNC cutting tube production line was established. The automation of the whole process of steel pipe material from loading, conveying, fixed length, cutting and blanking greatly improves the production efficiency. This is also the first laser CNC cutting pipe production line of Sany.

"At that time, the requirements for the three pairs of equipment were very strict, requiring Huagong Laser to commission the equipment and enter the use stage within one week. In order to save installation and training time, HGLaser after-sales personnel were divided into two shifts, one person was on the scene for 12 hours. Our workers can ask questions immediately if they don't understand them. It is equivalent to learning while learning. Until now, if there is a problem, it will be solved immediately."

With the support of advanced equipment technology, Sany has kept pace with the market. In 2011, sales reached 80 billion, approaching the first goal of 100 billion.

Efficiency has gone up, but also to ensure a series of problems such as quality, cost, environment, management. Limited by technology, the first batch of laser equipment introduced is mainly carbon dioxide laser. Relatively speaking, the failure rate is high and the cutting is unstable. At the same time, it does not have the characteristics of automation and the labor cost is high.

Since 17 years, based on the higher requirements for product quality, Sany Group and HGLaser have started to upgrade the old equipment in the factory, and have replaced the carbon dioxide laser with a more advanced fiber laser. It has become a mirror-like shape. From the senses to the assembly precision, the product quality has been greatly improved, the laser equipment has stabilized, the production cost of the company has dropped by more than 65%, and the production personnel have only one-third of the original, becoming China. The mechanical engineering industry serves to guide the brand.

"With the cooperation of Huagong Laser, we are not only the buyer, but also the seller. Once the machinery manufacturer next door wants to buy laser equipment, it was originally considered by other families. I told them that the purchase of HGLaser has at least five guarantees. In the year, the products were competitive and the service was very convenient. Later, they ordered one according to the standards of Sany. The sense of use was very good. People with Chinese lasers often visited them.

"HGLaser's products have been changed from generation to generation, and the quality is more perfect. This improvement is due to the influence of our partners, and because HGLaser has high requirements for itself."

3.The future: national, world

The upgrade of the equipment has brought obvious benefits, such as Sany Automobile Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. under the Sany Group. The modified laser equipment can cut thicker carbon steel sheets and further improve the cutting quality and efficiency. Improvement, the original can only achieve 3,400 crane cutting limit per month, now can easily break through 1,000 units, the future intention to achieve 1,500 units, the output value has increased by more than three times.

The modified laser equipment has the characteristics of automation and intelligent production. On this basis, Sany established a new data system, and began to implement interconnection and interconnection from the equipment, and digitally guide the entire production site, from disorder management to order. From non-quantitative to quantifiable, the operation of machine equipment and the improvement of labor rate can be presented on the new data monitoring screen. These big data reflect the development speed of the industry and the state of the country's macroeconomic development, and have become an important basis for national decision-making. In the future, Sany will continue to leverage the laser technology to gradually realize the development goals and lofty ideals of “contributing the world brand to the Chinese nation”.

In the research and development of new technologies, HGLaser can be said to be the first to surpass and quickly surpass. Such a partner is what Sany needs.