HGLaser marking applied in metal package industry

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There are always metal package requiring identification information such as production date, barcode, and QR code. Such as the two-dimensional code on the metal cover of the easy-pull ring and the glass bottle, the production date of the metal aluminum can, the tinplate, the production information on the metal profile and the 3C spare parts can be seen all around. 

When a laser coder is marking on a metal, a laser beam is used to remove a specific portion of the metal surface material to achieve the desired mark. Due to the problem of the laser energy absorption rate of the material, the fiber laser marking machine has a better coding effect on the metal than the CO2 and UV. 

With the fiber laser coder, whether the information to be identified is a single line, outline, or filled font, no matter what the requirements of the logo, as long as we design it by software on the PC, the fiber laser coder can mark the same on the metal. 

By controlling the energy, power and processing time of the laser, the fiber laser coding machine can mark different requirements of stainless steel in different requirements. For example, in the case where the metal does not melt, a deep black mark can also be produced by laser, which is called black oxidation coding, and its contrast is very high, and does not affect the roughness or texture of the surface of the material. 

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