HGLaser applied in fitness equipment

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In the fitness equipment, pipe is common applied. The traditional way to connect pipes is realized by band saw drilling machine and special milling machine. However, it can’t guarantee the beauty and accuracy, and it also takes up a lot of labor costs and the time cost of loading and transporting materials.

Due to the processing of tubing in the fitness equipment industry, it is often necessary to use the cutting and punching process of the pipe. The laser can cut the traditional or special-shaped pipe such as the round pipe, the square pipe, the elliptical pipe, the bread pipe, the D-shaped pipe, etc. The advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and short product production cycle have become standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.

HGLaser LT7535 automatic pipe production line equipment (optional automatic loading and unloading, bevel cutting function and robot automatic palletizing)

  • It can be bundled and automatically loaded, and the robot can be automatically palletized to completely bid farewell to high-intensity and high-load labor;
  • Fully flexible cutting, various trajectories, high-efficiency processing of various pipes, no secondary positioning, high precision;
  • Equipped with laser marking function to provide direct convenience for production management;
  • New standard SIEMENS840Dsl CNC system with high dynamic response and good stability.