HGTECH 20th Anniversary Event

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See the power of time and witness your growth. On July 28th, the special event of the 20th anniversary of Huagong Technology was held in Huagong Science and Technology Industrial Park. Today, 20 years ago, Huagong Science and Technology, as a school-run enterprise, embarked on an unknown journey. Today, 20 years later, Chinese workers and technicians from all corners of the country are welcoming the 20-year-old with the company in the hot sun. Happy birthday to us!

Together for 20 years, each of us is a dream catcher. In the past, present and future time, the pace of progress has never stopped.

Under the leadership of the general manager, the Torch Square team consisting of various subsidiaries ran along the growth path of the company to the morning light relay, and the slogan sounded through the entire park, passing the torch, which was unchanged for 20 years. The initial heart of the industry to serve the country.

At the moment when all the torches gathered, the seeds were buried deep in the hearts of all Chinese workers and technicians, illuminating the next 20 years.

At 7:28 in the morning, the flag and the five-star red flag with the ruby LOGO were slowly rising into the blue sky with the passionate national anthem. Huagong Technology has always adhered to the sense of social responsibility and national mission, and has been moving forward to become "China's wisdom".

When the various subsidiaries sang with the song of blessing, took everyone through the memories, and evoked the bit by bit, and in the days to come, they will continue to sing high.

For the next 20 years, we will continue to struggle!