Laser Customization of AirPods Shell

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Apple has a long tradition of buying Apple products through Apple stores and giving away laser customized services. Since 2014, Apple has been offering this service to the iPad series and iPod Touch. This year's newAirPods also supports laser customization on charging boxes.

The method is to use laser marking machine, with the high-energy laser beam marking contents on the surface. Because laser marking has no mechanical stress, so the marking part is flat, and last long time, which can maximize the appearance of electronic products beautiful.

The content marked on electronic products also reflects the owner's personality, or literature, or funny, one or two lines of words, which perfectly meets the needs of today's people for personalization, and the realization is not complicated.

Take this service as an example, just input the content you want to mark when you place it on Apple's official website, and import the content into the marking software. Because of setting the marking parameters in advance, you can complete an electronic product marking in a few seconds.

The most important is that even if the iPad is made of metal and AirPods is made of plastic, it only needs a fiber laser marker. Due to the wide applicability of materials, easy operation and good marking effect, more and more businesses take it as a marketing promotion way to improve the sales.

In order to meet the needs of small batch electronic products,HG Laser launched a small optical fiber laser marking machine, equipped with domestic Reike lasers, stable operation, long life, clear marking effect, Huagong laser independent development software, easy to operate, and support lifelong free upgrade. It can be used in 3C, automobile, motorcycle spare parts, electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses, clocks, jewelry, craft gifts, building materials, PVC pipes, medical devices and other industries.