HGlaser wave-by-wave intelligent manufacturing, and firmly advance the industry to transform and upgrade

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At present, HGLaser and HGSaibai “Brothers” have combined their software and hardware integration capabilities to create smart products for several Chinese manufacturing benchmarking companies such as CSIC’s Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, China Railway’s Baoqiao Group and Sany Heavy Industry Group. Lines and smart factories meet the diverse needs of customers for production efficiency, product performance, product quality and individuality.

“We provide customers with a smart manufacturing overall solution, which is like making the rough house become a home.” The person in charge of Huagong Laser Intelligent Equipment Business introduced that last year, HGTECH signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wushu Group. In-depth cooperation in the field of laser technology such as intelligent production lines and smart factories, the company's intelligent unit for the board unit will serve the construction of the Shenzhong Channel project.

What level of manufacturing plant intelligence can be achieved? The relevant person in charge of HGTECH pointed out that automation and intelligence can be realized from product design, product manufacturing, to management, to decision-making process. Intelligent devices and people form an intelligent system integrating man and machine. Through the Internet, information interconnection and interoperability can be realized, production and management data can be visualized, and the manufacturing process can be monitored and quality tracked. The business status can be analyzed, judged and optimized. decision making.

More flexible to meet "private order"

The high degree of flexibility of discrete manufacturing determines that each project can be called “private ordering”. From material calculation and procurement to tissue production and assembly, the material, thickness, and use of each sheet, including the welding position, are initially It has been finalized and ensured that the production process is orderly and controllable through information management. The procurement time, batch number, combination method and other data of each component will be stored in the customer's system through the BIM system in the engineering construction field, and the product life cycle can be traced to ensure the integrity of the data.

In the process of production and assembly, each piece of equipment is not an “island”. In the smart factory, the information of each cutting machine and the factory Internet and other equipment can be interconnected. Whether each process parameter meets the requirements, the progress of each workpiece in the task, and the completion of each worker's production task plan are visualized, and the equipment utilization, energy demand and refinement can be grasped through intelligent management. Manage requirements to make decision analysis and optimize processes. To achieve the high quality requirements of the bridge's 120-year service life, every detail is not to be mistaken.

Will realize intelligent virtual simulation

In the future, HGTECH's intelligent workshop for manufacturing enterprises combined with the application of BIM technology will fully realize digitalization, automation and informationization, realize softwareization, visualization and authority control in the whole process of management, and achieve intelligent integration workshop of human-machine integration. The goal of achieving high levels of human-computer integration depends on virtual reality technology.

The application of virtual reality technology will enable people to obtain simulation experience from the senses and visuals, not only to simulate the manufacturing process, to make the production process transparent and verify its feasibility, to monitor whether the production cycle is reasonable, but also to realize the micro-production process. Second-order real-time control.