P3015 Oil Slotted Casing Tube Laser Cutting Machine

    P3015 Oil Slotted Casing Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Features Parameter

Oil Slotted Pipe

Oil slotted pipe is the key part to protect from sand during oil mining. Oil slotted pipe can be classified into five types: bridge type oil slotting pipe, drilling slotting pipe, kerf slotting pipe, composted pipe, wire-wrapped slotting pipe. Oil slotted casing pipe is cut by specialized ultra-thin cutting disk and laser beam. There are many certain configurations kerfs with shape of longitudinal or helical straight line on oil slotted casing pipe.


Qualified oil slotting pipe has smooth and uniform kerf, which has no burr situation and has good perpendicularity. As oil slotted pipe is processed by oil casing, it is hard to be out of shape. As oil slotting pipe has been antiseptic treated, it has good anti-abrasive performance.The pipe has twice time open area than the same configuration oil pipe, so it is more convenient for liquid flowing in slotting pipe

5. Oil slotted pipe can protect from sand which has diameter larger than 0.3mm

6. Oil slotted pipe can be used in horizontal well and deviated well.

7. Oil slotted pipe can be equipped in string type, it is very convenient and easy to operate. 

Technical Parameters:

1. Pipe Types: Oil slotted casing pipe 

2. Pipe length: Max. 12m

3. Wall thickness: Max.20mm

4. Pipe diameter: 50mm to 210mm for pipe less than 12m

5. Kerf Quantity: Any

6. Kerf width: (0.18-6mm) ± 0.03mm

7. Kerf type: Parallel, crisscross, spiral

Advantages of Laser Processing for Oil Casing Pipe:

1.High precision: positioning precision is 0.05mm, repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02mm. 

2.Narrow kerf: laser beam can be focused to a tiny light-spot, so that focus place has high power density, material will be heated quickly to gasification degree and vaporized to hole. As the relative linear movement of beam and material, the continuous hole will generate narrow kerf. The cutting edge width is generally 0.1mm to 0.2mm. 

3.Cutting surface is smooth: no burr in cutting surface, cutting surface roughness is controlled within Ra12.5. 

4.High speed: cutting speed can reach 10m/min, the maximum positioning speed can reach 200m/min, which is faster then linear cutting. 

5.Excellent cutting quality: non-touch cutting, cutting edge has small thermal effect, workpiece has small thermal deformation, avoid tuned-down edge, kerf needn’t twice processing.  

6.No damage to workpiece: laser cutting head will not touch material surface, no scratch to workpiece. 

7.Not depends on material hardness: laser can process steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy. No matter how hard the material is, it can cut without deformation. 

8.Good flexibility: Laser cutting has good flexibility, it can process different figures, it can cut pipe or other profiled material. 

Process Procedure

Step 1.pipe Select: select suitable size raw material pipe, which hasn’t appearance defect. 

Step 2.Threading: process thread on threading machine, inspect as thread standard. 

Step 3.Equipped with nut: both ends is equipped with nut.

Step 4.Surface treatment, remove painting or rust: remove surface rust or paintings for   better laser processing.

Step 5.Cutting: laser cut qualified kerf according to cutting technical. Width and length should be processed according to drawing. According to drawing requirement, kerf width should be tested by filler gauge. 

Step 6.Slag removal: remove inner and outside slags. 

Step 7.Paint printing: painting on workpiece according to requirement. 

Step 8.Inspection: inspect kerf width, match end and popping etc..

Step 9.Package: packaged into triangle. 

Step.10 Delivery 

P3015 Oil Slotted Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Farley Laserlab P3015 oil slotted pipe laser cutting machine adopts advanced technology, which can cut different type of oil slotted pipe. By means of focusing, high density and high-power laser beam working on sieve pipe, on the premise of exceeding a threshold value of laser power density, heat energy from working gas and laser beam’s chemical reaction is absorbed by material, thus causing a dramatic increase in the temperature of laser sport on the surface of the casing, partial melting or gasification of workpiece material to form a hole, then relative motion of the casing and laser beam can achieve casing cutting.

Mechanical Motion System

1. Cantilever Structure Technology (patent number: ZL 200520099443.7) provides open operation platform with one-time processing area of 12m x 1.5m;

2. Machine tool structure is composed of a bed, cantilever beam, special clamp for sieve pipe cutting, high precision ball screw lubrication device.

3. Customized cutting rotation axis, double chuck structure and variable pitch worm can fix sieve pipe more stable and much easier to cut oil pipes. Plane working table can also be equipped to cut plates.


1. The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells;

2. We offer straight and keystone slot in a wide range of slotted patterns to satisfy the required open area;

3. High rigidity, resisting scrape and abrasion, high intensity, anti-corrosion and even distribution.

Rotation Axis

1. Support position adjusted according to the pipe diameter;

2. Max. pipe Length: 12m    Max. pipe diameter: 240mm;

3. Rotating clamp adopt double chuck structure to avoid the pipe not being vertical and thermal deformation in processing;

4. Varying pitch worm gear is adopted to effectively achieve mechanical wear compensation.

Cutting Head and Nozzle

1. Customized Bifocal Laser Head (5" and 7.5"), convenient to change to cut material of different depth;

2. Laser head can detect pipe on-contact before cutting and automatically position when cutting to match position change;

3. Anti-collision all-around auto reset cutting head.

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Machine Model P3015
Processing Area 12000×1500(mm)
Laser Power 4000W
Customized Laser Cutting Head 5 inch&7.5 inch
PRECITEC Sensor High voltage 25Kg/ cm2
CNC System/Serve Beckhoff/ 611D, 1FT6 motor
Operation System Windows XP
Display 24 inch LCD with mouse interface
Interface USB,RJ45
Cutting Aperture ≤0.1~0.3mm(depending on the  material)
Cutting Roughness Ra≤25μm 
Cutting Depth for Carbon Steel 1-20mm
Cutting Depth for Stainless Steel 1-10mm
X 、Y、Z Axis  Ball screw
X axis Moving Speed 50m/min
Max. Processing Speed 30m/min
Strode 6000mm
Position Accuracy +/-0.025mm
Repeatability 0.02mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Y axis Moving Speed 50m/min
Max. Processing Speed 30m/min
Strode 1500mm
Position Accuracy +/-0.025mm
Repeatability 0.02mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Z axis Strode 100mm
Resolution 0.001mm
A axis Area Length: 12m. Diameter: 240mm, rotary: absoluteness.
Position Accuracy +/-0.05°
Repeatability +/-0.01°
Min. Resolution 0.001°
Rotary Speed 7200°/min

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